Volume 4, Number 10, May 2000
-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

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From:      Patti Murphy Minnick <Pminnick@cn-inc.com> (1979)  
Date:       Mon, 8 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from my sisters - Phyllis Murphy and Cris Long-Murphy. 

Occupation: Administrator Spouse: Rusty, Children: Amber Leigh 17 months

Memorable Incidents: Fun times spent with my close friends Terri & Debbie, failing 10th grade gym class (only because I gave myself an extented lunch period), Dance Club, leaving school early to cruise with my boyfriend and lots of homework from Gibbs English class!

Since High School: Spent years hanging around the Rockville area, in 1989 moved to Cancun, Mexico where I worked very hard at having a fun time.  Returned in 1991.  Now married to Rusty who works for his family own business “Minnicks, Inc.” (HVAC).  I work part-time as an administrator which keeps me in touch with the work world and enables me to spend lots of time with my 17 month old daughter Amber.

Future Plans: Enjoy my family, have another child, keep playing the big game lotto and continue to hang out with Terri, Michelle, Colleen and other high school friends.

Memorable Teachers: The dance teacher (Diane S. ?) I can’t remember her name.  She was soooo laid back and easy to talk with.  Also, as much as I thought I disliked him Mr. Gibbs was a great teacher—I wished I had paid more attention to what he was teaching and less complaining about how hard his class was.


From:      Valerie Emerson <emerson@gwu.edu> (1975)  
Date:       Tue, 9 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from a Peary Alumna.

Occupation: Library Specialist

Memorable Incidents: Working on plays directed by Mr. Gibbs

Since High School: Member of a volunteer fund-raising group associated with the Smithsonian Institution

Memorable Teacher: Mr. Clark and his history class.


From:      Lori Ann Sasso Lydard <our70z28@earthlink.net> (1972)  
Date:       Wed, 10 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

How I found out about the website? Another alumni told me about it.  Occupation: Legal Secretary, Spouse: Martin, Children: One stepdaughter Beth Ann Lydard age 22, Grandchildren: None, yet.

Memorable Incidents: Rollerskating in the senior court and to algebra class in my senior year.

Since High School: Married at 19, divorced at 29, remarried at 31.  I moved quite a bit before settling down in Frederick with my husband.

Future Plans: Travel the country and see Alaska.

Memorable Teacher: My English teacher (I can’t remember her name) but she was the best English teacher in the world.


From:      Sharon Scott Uhal <sluhal@hotmail.com> (1970)  
Date:       Thu, 11 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

How I found out about the website? My daughter saw a website address on the local cable network. 

Occupation: retired, Spouse: Timothy, Children: Jennifer-age 25 teacher, Steven-age 23 sales

Memorable Incidents: Ms. Vadala’s English class. Lunch at McDonalds.

Since High School: Too much to fit in this tiny space!

Future Plans: Enjoying retirement.  Moving to Delaware and plan to spend lots of time at the beach.

Memorable Teachers: Ms. Vadala.  Mr. Wick.  Our Home Economics Teacher-can’t think of her name though!  They just had the most impact on me at school.

Other alums I know about?  Paul Hadeed is living in Damascus, Maryland

Great Fun to look at all of this!  Especially the old pictures!


From:      1963-1965 Joint Reunion Chairpersons  
Date:       Fri, 12 May 2000  
Subject:  Classes of 63, 64 and 65 Reunion

Just wanted you to know that we’re getting a great response to the 63, 64, and 65 joint class reunion that will be held August 11th, 2000 weekend.  Thank you to all of those who have already sent back their information and check, which has been a big help in our planning.

We are working on the reunion books now and if you haven’t responded yet and plan on attending PLEASE send back your information and a check ASAP.  We need to hear from you by the June 30th deadline since the books will be then going to press but it would help us tremendously if you’d send back your information now for there are many other things that have to be addressed in advance for the planning of the weekend.

If for some reason you are unable to attend—we would still like to have your information sheet filled in and returned so you can be included in the reunion book.  Remember too, that you may order a class photo that night for 11.00 which includes shipping and handling.  And for only 8.00 more, a second photo may be purchased of another class.  Each class will have their own photos taken.  The photographer will only be accepting cash and checks that night and NO CREDIT CARDS.  So please come prepared. Also if you’re unable to attend you may still order a class picture and reunion book when you send back your information.  BUT we must know in advance.

*Volunteers Needed-----if you can help on Saturday night at the registration table Please let your class coordinator know.  This is a “fun” job greeting all your friends and helping to hand out reunion books, name tags, etc.

*Talent—O.K. so now is your BIG chance.  If you have a special talent or would like to participate in a skit we’re looking for you.  Decisions will have to be made soon....

We’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend and seeing everyone.

The reunion committee:

Candy Beck Burch - for the class of ‘63, email: Cacky50@aol.com

Carol Cotton Hendrix - class of ‘64. email: carolh@gateway.net

Eileen Brown Carter - class of ‘65, email: ECARTER236@aol.com

Gale Senseman-Privette - class of ‘66 (for teachers, staff, and other pearyites who would like to attend) , email: Gale7@Juno.com


From:      Daniel T. Cheng <dcheng@jmt-engineering.com> (1968)  
Date:       Sat, 13 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

How I found out about the website?  I was talking to a woman who’s children went to Peary and she told me of the site. 

Occupation: Civil Engineer, Spouse: Bonnie, Children: Jeffrey D. 20 and Andrew S. 16

Memorable Incidents: Class Trip to Expo 67 in Montreal was a blast.

Especially sneaking out after Curfew. Williamsburg Trip was just as fun.

Since High School: Bachelors and Masters from University of MD in 1972 & 1978 respectively. Senior Vice President at Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson which is a consulting engineering firm.

Future Plans: Work less hours & play more golf

Memorable Teachers: It’s been so long I can’t remember.

I’m real pleased that there is a Web Page. Unfortunately I haven’t maintained any contacts with fellow alumni except for Jay Philips. I hope to get updates on events.


From:      Leilani Shannon Vail <Vailetc@aol.com> (1971)  
Date:       Sun, 14 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from my sister - Patti Shannon Wilder. 

Occupation: Fund Raiser, Spouse: Floyd, Children: Tara Alecia Correnti-Vail (21), Kierstan Lorraine Correnti-Vail (18), Elizabeth Vail (14)

Since High School: Two years ago my husband and I traveled around the world with a Christian Emergency Relief Organization called Samaritan’s Purse.  Now myself and two others who were also on the trip are raising $90,000 for feeding families in Kosovo.

Future Plans: We are leaving again May 23, 2000 for Kenya, Uganda and Kosovo with Samaritan’s Purse for two weeks to visit projects sites.  This time we are taking our 18-year-old daughter Kierstan who is a photography student at a Colorado college (who is also a prospective missionary!)  Part of our trip was to also go into the Sudan but is now scrapped because the Samaritan’s Purse work in a Sudanese hospital is continually being bombed.

Memorable Teacher: Mr. Parker an English teacher......because he dated my girlfriend after we were out of high school!

Other alums I know about?  I may have an address for Jan Sieling Palm.


From:      Robin Rose Fine <rfine118@netzero.net> (1982)  
Date:       Sun, 14 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from fellow alums.

Occupation: Homemaker, Spouse: David, Children: Rachel -- 3 ˝, Mitchell -- 9 months

Since High School: Went to Univ. of Md. and received a BS in Marketing/Journalism. Worked for AOL for 4 years until I met my husband-to-be. Moved to Pennsylvania to live with him. Eventually got married, and moved back to the Washington area. I now have 2 great kids, and work as a homemaker and volunteer for my daughter’s nursery school and other local organizations.

Memorable Teachers: Mr. Clark—went on his annual senior trip to Europe with the best friends in the world! Mrs. Rosen—best English teacher anyone could ever have!

Looking for an update on fellow alum Alan Marcus—anyone know what he’s up to?


From:      Mike Deitchman <mdeitchman@olg.com> (1968)  
Date:       Sun, 14 May 2000  
Subject:  USS Robert E. Peary Web site

Found a great website created by a crewmember of the USS Robert E. Peary FF-1073. I was surprised to learn there was a third ship named after Peary (actually the first). You’ll find more information at the following URL: http://www.ussrobertepeary.com/index.html The webmaster was kind enough to advertise our planned Rededication of the bell Tower on June 16th.


From:      Michael D. Fox <luckyx@wave-net.net> (1979)  
Date:       Sun, 14 May 2000  
Subject:  pdate

I found out about the website from friends and family. 

Occupation: Service Consultant, Spouse: Rose, Children: Jessica L. Fox 13 yrs and Victoria Fox 3 yrs

Memorable Incident: GRADUATION!!!!!!

Since High School: Military—Married—Divorced—Married—Two Kids—Two






From:      Alice Goldberg-FitzHugh <argf@excite.com> (1984)  
Date:       Mon, 15 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from my sister. Spouse: Will, Children: Reid Fitzhugh, 18 months

Since High School: Went back to school to get a second degree in Graphic Design.  Worked for Computerworld. Had a child.

Future Plans: Start my own business in designing and creating knitwear. 

Have a second child.


From:      Patrice John Baugher <baugher5@gateway.net> (1975)  
Date:       Tue, 16 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from the High School Reunion letter.  Occupation: Teacher, Spouse: Tom, Children: Christopher J. Age 17, Bryan T. Age 15, Andrew J. Age 9, Grandchildren: Perish the thought!!!

Since High School: I graduated from Western Maryland College in 1979.  Married my college sweetheart, and travelled the world as an Army Officers wife. There is nothing like living in another country to give you perspective. We are now happily settled in Indiana raising our boys.

Had a best friend in High School, Jimmy Keppler, who moved to Illinois so didn’t graduate from Peary.  But may now be in the area and a VIP.  Seeing him would be worth a trip from Indiana.  

From:      Karen Schwartz <mistyq55@hotmail.com> (1973)  
Date:       Tue, 16 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from classmates.com. 

Occupation: Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, Children: Shane Wise age 21, Grandchildren: not yet :-)

Memorable Incidents: The Road Rally.  The girl’s bathroom and Quaaludes.

Since High School: Married twice, divorced.  One son.  Went back to school twice, yeah me...college....so love my work as an emergency medicine PA...

Other alums I know about? Leslie Taylor is Leslie Dean living in Ocean City with her husband and 4 children.


From:      Jenny Lewinski Sylvester <jennysylvester@aol.com> (1972)  
Date:       Tue, 16 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from a former classmate.

Occupation: Services Tech/Union Representative, Spouse: Bobby, Children: Bryan 31 and Kelly 25, Grandchildren: Alexis 5

Since High School: Working for Bell Atlantic and Communications Workers of America

I heard there was going to be a picnic this year?  

From:      Steve Repas <Srepas370@aol.com> (1970)  
Date:       Tue, 16 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from Bob Pearce, Class of 1969. 

Occupation: Addiction Counselor, Spouse: Karen, Children: Terry age 34 and Tony age 32, Grandchildren: Ashley 12, Nicholas 11, Garrett 8, Holly 9, Sawyer 6

Memorable Incidents: Being named “ Most Improved Student” in 1970.

Thought I was trippin when Fred Dunn announced my name.

Since High School: Trying to understand life.

Future Plans: Will soon be moving to Greensboro, North Carolina (wife was transferred there).

Memorable Teacher: Without a doubt Mrs. Carrie Luck, She was a tiny terror.


From:      Linda Wojtyna Dempsey <Chalkn8r@aol.com> (1972)  
Date:       Wed, 17 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website from Mr. Alumni Host, Joey Chornock.  

Occupation: Teacher/Freelance Writer, Spouse: Dwight, Children: Cody age 9, Grandchildren: no, no, no, no, no...

Memorable Incidents: Just sharing general teenage angst with Marji Saile (Fabian).

Since High School: Do you realize how long ago that was?  I don’t think I can remember it ALL!  I worked in the medical field for a very long time as a registered respiratory therapist.  I met my husband at work.  After our son was born, I returned to school to become a special education teacher.  It has NOT been a good time for teachers!  I took a leave of absence from the school board in November, 1999.  I have been writing freelance since then.  Currently, I’m working for a company that publishes preps for state assessments.  The best thing is...  working at home!


From:      Tracy A. Wright <tracy.wright@na.amedd.army.mil> (1980)  
Date:       Wed, 17 May 2000  
Subject:  Update

I found out about the website through searching the internet.

Occupation: Administrative Officer

Memorable Incidents: Chorus, Lil David, Kim White, BABS, Kathy, and Sally

Since High School: Working in the mental health field either in the treatment of alcohol/drug abuse or Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)  I am currently working for a contractor providing the EAP at the Pentagon for the past tens years.

Future Plans: I also have a jewelry making business “The Cat’s Meow” that I want to expand.

Memorable Teachers: Mr. Masterani, Guidance Counselor, and Mr. Pierce, Chorus Teacher, fun class!

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