Volume 2, Number 9, April 1998
-The Online Newsletter for Robert E. Peary High School Alumni-

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From: William Spence wrspence@qtm.net (1969) Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

Occupation: Senior Microphone Design Engineer Spouse: Ginger; Children: Tabitha L. 25, Danielle M. 23, Kevin P. 7, Shannon W. 5

Memorable Incident: My graduation and leaving the madness behind.

Since High School: U.S. Army; I survived Valparaiso Technical Institute, Graduated with Honors, Electrical Engineering Southwestern Michigan College, Graduated with Honors, General Studies Indiana University, Studied General Chemistry and Advanced Mathamatics Andrews University, Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

Senior Microphone Design Engineer for TELEX/Electro-Voice International. I design condenser microphones used by major recording artists, the movie industry, and broadcast.

Future Plans: Take a keel boat up the Missouri River and trade with the Blackfeet near the Tetons. Then pan for gold in the Black Hills.

Memorable Teachers: I drank that part of my brain blank when I was overseas for two years (remember the war?). I don't remember anybody from high school; can't say that I want to remember anybody from high school.

I have no idea why I'm bothering with this. I must be having a weak moment. Don't think I'm sentimental; what I do remember is that I hated every second I was in that dump.

From: Kirsten Olson Madaus omadaus@msw0.attnet.or.jp (1969) Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about this from my brother Pete ('76). Occupation: US Air Force Obstetric Nurse, Spouse: Mark, Children: #1 a boy due June 1998

Since High School: Working all over the world, mostly Europe, now I'm stationed in northern Japan.

Future Plans: Have a baby, get out of the Air Force, travel wherever Mark's job takes us!

Memorable Teachers: Mr Hill, telling me I was a 'lost ball in high weeds' when I didn't do my math homework.

From: Kristin Lucas klucas02@sprynet.com (1966) Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found the Peary site from a search for it on YAHOO. I was wondering if Peary had a site. Occupation: Administrative Assistant/Soon To Be Small Business Owner, Children: No children-unless you count my 11 cats!

Memorable Incident: The 1963 spring production of THE LOWLAND SEA. I was on the stage crew.

Since High School: Many, many things too numerous to mention here-but all interesting!

Future Plans: Open my own cat boarding facility and become my own boss lady.

Memorable Teacher: Carole Bauer. I loved to sing and I was in the 9th grade chorus and got to perform at the conerts. Whatever happened to Carole Bauer?

From: Cheryl Diehl Clemens freestylcc@aol.com

(1972) Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about the Peary site from my younger brother. Occupation: graphic designer

Memorable Incident: the school plays; Since High School: BFA, advertising agencies, sole proprietorship, marketing communications

Future Plans: travel, Memorable Teacher: Mr. Gibbs - his love of the arts. Comments: I like Boston

From: Diana Cash Lennon diana@vola.com (1978) Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about the website from 1979 grad, Lisa (Silver) Ost. Occupation: Marketing Director for law firm, Spouse: Rocky, Children: Mackenzie Christa 16 mos.

Since High School: Working, going to school, working Future Plans: Making more money, more kids

Memorable Teacher: Ms. Luck, math teacher; treated me as her "teacher's pet"

Great job! Glad we have a means to communicate w/Peary alum.

[Thanks, Diana, we're glad too!]

From: Eileen Brown Carter ecarter236@aol.com (1965) Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 Subject: Combo Reunion

Class of '63, we need lots of help to track down missing classmates that are not online. I am working with Sari Hines McKay (1963) and hopefully you all can give us some help. Anybody with information, either email Sari at mckay@tst.tracor.com, or me at the above address. I should finish this with "please help!"


From: Marcie Evry mevry@hotmail.com (1986) Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I graduated from Wheaton and found out about the website through co-worker Kenneth Treworgy-Peary '77. Occupation: clerical, Spouse: Charles Tamas-went to Peary graduated from Rockvile '85, Charles's Occupation: electrician

Memorable Incidents: I can not mention them here!

Since High School: After graduating, I went to Montgomery College and received a degree in radio broadcasting. I played piccolo in The Washington Redskins Marching Band from '86-'90. I am now working for a music company. I am studying American Sign Language to become an interpreter for the deaf in the future.

Memorable Teacher: My band teacher through Peary and Wheaton, Mr. Bennie Green was the coolest teacher I have ever had.

From: Louise Otto Myers MyersL@od.nih.gov (1970) Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 Subject; Update

I found out about the website from brother Brian Otto ('77). Occupation: Budget Analyst, Spouse: Charles (Bernie), Children: Katie-21

Since High School: After attending Parkland Jr. High, moved to Alaska, then back to Peary for my senior year. Married the high-school sweetie I met in Alaksa-we celebrated our 25th anniv. last Nov. Worked for several non-profits, took time out to be a mommy, went back to work for the government as a budget analyst (to the astonishment of my family) at NIH. Picked up a B.S. in Technology and Management from U. MD. along the way. Husband is currently working in Dining Services for MD.

Future Plans: Wish I knew!

Memorable Teacher: Mr. Clarke and those pop quizzes!

Comments: Brother Al Otto ('73) lives in Gaithersburg, and Brian Otto ('77) is living in Mt. Airy.

From: Bret Light thelight@erols.com (1980) Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

Occupation: Molecular Biologist, Spouse: Ilse; Children: Cara Lynn age 6, Sam Allen age 4

Since High School: Going to school and having a family, work work work work work

Memorable Teachers: Mrs Tigani, Mrs Luck

Missing People? Russ Katz lives in Columbia MD

From: Sandra Kunkler Streett streett@silo.csci.unt.edu (1974) Date: Sat, 18 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found the site from a web search. Occupation: student & homemaker, Spouse: Dave; Children: Jennifer 14, Jeffrey 11

Since High School: spent some time in Colorado, returned to Maryland briefly and moved to Texas in 1980. Married in 1981. Had first child, 1983 and stayed home until returning to school in 1992. Plan to graduate in 1999 with a BS in Computer Science.

Future Plans: Getting my degree and getting a job!!!

Memorable Teacher: Mr. Hill, for his positive attitude and encouragement

From: Marco Ortega Jr. Mortega101@prodigy.net (1984) Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

How found? I ran into a fellow alumnus Paul Broberg (1985) and he told me about it. Occupation: Warehouse manager Spouse: Gail, Children: Marco age 21 months

Since High School: Working, starting a family and recently went back to school.

Future Plans: Finishing my degree in Computer Science at the University of Maryland.

Memorable Staff: Dr. Dumais. I remember his famous quote, "Peary is not dead !"

Missing People? Robert Wyneis in Tempe, AZ; Sandra Atwell-Crye is in Oklahoma City, OK

This is a great idea, thank you for all your work.

[The work is worth it! You're welcome, Marco. Enjoy.]

From: Beth Owens Waltermire BethEW@email.msn.com (1978) Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

How found? husband search. Occupation: Ph.D. Chemist, Spouse: Robert, Children: James Patrick 3 months (1-6-98)

Memorable Incident: Kirby Huget blowing up the back of Miss Tamm's Advanced Chemistry classroom every week with a thermite reaction- then he couldn't get the magnesium ribbon to light for the final presentation which was safely outdoors!

Since High School: Obtained a Ph.D. in Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Maryland, did a post-doctoral appointment in x-ray crystallography at the University of Delaware, taught college Chemistry in New Jersey, was a Research Chemist for the American Tobacco Company (now Brown and Williamson) and developed a patented catalyst system for a smokeless cigarette.

Future Plans: Currently on maternity leave, probably won't be going back to work for several years.

Memorable Teacher: Ms. Grace Tigani for letting her students know they could be anything they set their minds on- and have some fun in the process!

From: Jeffery A. Tait jtait@motown.lmco.com (1973) Date: Sun, 19 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

How found? My brothers Larry and Greg are also Peary Alums. Occupation: Engineering Manager, Spouse: Marilyn; Children: Robbie - 8, Terry - 2

Memorable Incident: The 1973 Talent Show with Buddy Yost as host and the Rowdies on stage.

Since High School: Software Engineering - mostly in Naval Systems defense related engineering

From: Guy Riffle gwriffle@juno.com (1973) Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

Rob Sauerhoff (1985) was building a pipe band address list, and told me about the website. Occupation: Senior Engineer, Spouse: Jacki S. Coberly (class of 75), Jacki's Occupation: Epidemiologist; Children: James Andrew 4 years, Sarah Katherine 2 years

Memorable Incident: You remember that far back? Marching on the County Seat? Various pipe band trips, like the one to Scotland. Did you know you could go anywhere in school without a hall pass if your even mentioned a kilt, much less wore one? Almost getting the anchor in the senior court out of the ground before Miss Thomas stopped us.

Since High School: More school, work, marriage, children, a car here and there.

Future Plans: To Survive.

Memorable Teachers: Mr. Clarke: hey, I was in the pipe band. Mr. Courtney: trying to teach a bunch of guys who idn't want to know, but kept his humor (usually). Mr. Burlas: Hit it to the kid with the square head! Mr. Jacobs: 2 + 3 is, mur-mur-mur-mur. Mr. Imhoff: NOW the Leyden jar is discharged! Mr. Steele: Is he still growing flowers?

From: Gregory W. Jones, Sr. jonesg@sec.gov (1966) Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about the website in the article from the Gazette sent to my by my mother who still lives across the street from Peary! Occupation: Supervisory Computer Specialist, Spouse: Donna; Children: Gregory W. Jones, Jr - 15, Jeffrey M. Jones - 13, Kimberly N. Jones - 10, Krista E. Jones - 7

Memorable Incident: Student teaching days, all that time in the school store, Advanced Biology the day we did the cat!

Since High School: Joined the Army Reserve and left for basic shortly after graduating. Was sent to the Defense Language Institute (Sorry, Dr. Marton). After returning, graduated from the U of M with BS in Information Systems Management. Worked at Vitro, then on active duty at the Pentagon for three years doing computer programming. Left the puzzle palace to become a programmer for the Department of Health and Human Services. Left HHS after becoming the head of the automation organization for the Civil Division of the Justice Department where I headed the automation technical group for the nationwide office automation system, AMICUS. From DOJ went to the Securities & Exchange Commission to become the Director of the Office of Information Systems Management. Took on additional projects there and currently am the Deputy Director, Information Services, Office of Filings and Information Services.

Retired from the Army Reserve after 28 years as a Lieutenant Colonel with specializations in administration and automation. To stay out of trouble, continued working with the volunteer fire department (Kensington VFD), taking advanced courses, ultimately taking Montgomery County's Cardiac Rescue Technican Course, receiving the Richard C. Meyer, MD award for academic achievement. (Why couldn't I do that well when at Peary?). Anyway, went on to spend a lot of time riding the old Heartmobile the predecessor to the modern Mobile Intensive Care Units. Turned down the County's offer to become a paid paramedic (good move). Moved from Montgomery County to Bowie for several years, then on to Upper Marlboro. Got fed up with Prince Georges County and the war zones they call schools and moved into the country outside La Plata in southern Maryland. Gave up my paramedic status and started teaching Emergency Medical Technican - Ambulance course for the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute for many years. Time constraints finally took their toll and I had to give that up too. I have continued my fire department activities with the Bowie VFD and finally to the Forestville VFD where I am the assistant treasurer these days.

Now challenged to bring up four kids in a dangerous society while keeping the facade up that they shouldn't be doing some of the same things I did at that age.

Future Plans: Work... with the youngest in 1st grade, it looks like I'll be working for another 15 years.

Focus will be on enjoying my family and continuing to volunteer at the fire department.

Memorable Staff: Dr. Dunn with his many attempts to control the class of '66. Mr. Campitell, who was my neighbor until his untimely death. Dr. Marton who did her best to get me through French, and justifiably advised me to only take the minimum amount of language in college. Unfortunately the Army didn't get the message and sent me to the Defense Language Institute for Spanish!!!

Thank you for your efforts in establishing and maintaining this site for some of the most important people in the world, the alumni of Robert E. Peary High School. It is so easy these days to get lost in the crowd that anything that can be done to keep us together is of infinite value. To all my '66 classmates, we are only getting better in our vintage years. I see my name on the lost list but I am now found thanks to your efforts. It all goes to show that we continue to live the motto of our school, I will find a way or make one.

From: Diane Hirsch ddyi@shani.net (1977) Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about the Peary website from my sister Amy (1981). Occupation: Medical secretary Spouse: Dan; Children: Yoel Asher age 7, Ilan Ze'ev age 2 1/2

Since High School: Graduated from UVA in 1982; moved to Israel in 1985; married in 1989

Future Plans: We're staying on the kibbutz for now, but who knows!

Memorable Teachers=Mr. Clarke, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Boyd

From: Diana Mohr Coll collj@erols.com (1967) Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about the website from a 1969 classmate. Occupation: Legal Secretary, Spouse: John; Children: Tiana Lynn 21 years - Graduates from St. Mary's College of MD in May 1998, John Lawrence 17 years - Graduates from High School next year 1999. Grandchildren: None yet

Memorable Incidents: The anchor on the roof..... Dancing in the cafeteria. Rebellion of our gift to the school - not the sled but we decided on the Bulletin Board.

Since High School: School Crossing Supervisor for Howard County. Secretary for Howard County Police Department. Legal Secretary for Howard County State's Attorney. Went to England on vacation with hubby about 6 years ago. Met up with my old and bestest friend Shirley Hipkins. Have been married for 24 years. This year became an Emergency Medical Technician with a volunteer fire department in Howard County. (Get to ride the ambo and hopefully save a life.) Fluent in Sign Language.

Future Plans: Retire when we finish paying for kids' college educations and adopt 2 or 3 ex racing Greyhound dogs. Spend more time with family and friends.

Memorable Teacher: Mrs. Zimmerman- Very tough teacher, very strict. She would get very mad when my boyfriend and I would hold hands in the hallway. A lot of classmates went 6 years to Peary, from 7th grade to 12th grade. Who can/wants to remember all those teachers.

My brother Steven Mohr lives in Front Royal, VA.

This is great. I am going to check out some of the other alumni that I have not been in contact with for years through the internet.

From: Janice Saylor janices@aiaa.org (1971) Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 Subject: Update

I found out about this website from last year's reunion newsletter. Occupation: Marketing Strategist; Children: Mathew Meade 21, Patrick Meade 19, Stephanie Meade 17

Memorable Incident: Earth Day - It was the most positive event during my high school years. Other incidents that stand out are the Peace March on DC, Vietnam, Martin Luther King's assassination, riots and burning of DC.

Since High School: Raising a family, travelling and working. I've been a member of the Washington Swing Dance Committee for the past three years (organizing dances at Glen Echo Park). I've recently become very active on the National Campaign to Save Glen Echo Park and advocating for drug/alcohol abuse treatment for teens.

Memorable Teacher: Mrs. Zimmerman - She was a tough cookie. But she cared.


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